Facial rejuvenation - myth or reality?

girls with renewed skin

Every woman wants to be beautiful for as long as possible. But once she notices the first wrinkles on her face, her only dream is to prolong her beauty and attractiveness. No matter how much a woman wants, it is impossible to stop time, but thanks to modern technologies in the field of cosmetology, dreams can come true.

Eliminating wrinkles, lifting the contour of the face, getting rid of visible age-related changes has become available to every woman. These procedures have an immediate effect, the result can be observed after the first session. Such procedures are based on the restoration of collagen. Thanks to collagen, our skin has properties such as firmness, firmness and elasticity.

Types of facial rejuvenation

  • Mesotherapy;
  • laser resurfacing;
  • botox?
  • photorejuvenation;
  • Swamp?
  • ozonation;
  • biorejuvenation;
  • irudotherapy?
  • lymphatic drainage massage.

These are all non-surgical facial rejuvenation methods that help activate the collagen layer restoration mechanism, improve the complexion, improve blood circulation and skin regeneration. The result is felt after the first procedure. The implantation of special substances into the skin through injections is called mesotherapy. It is used to align the oval of the face and lift the chin.

Modern cosmetology allows you to renew the cellular composition of the skin using a laser beam. This method is called laser resurfacing. Modern women use Botox injections to eliminate wrinkles. Photorejuvenation is considered the most effective and safe procedure. You can remove age spots, smooth the skin, smooth wrinkles with light pulses that penetrate the skin. The combination of light pulses and high frequency current allows you to produce collagen and renew the skin. This method of rejuvenation is called elos.

Another rejuvenation method that allows you to find a healthy skin is facial massage with lymphatic drainage. It is manual and material.

Material lymphatic drainage massage:

  • galvanization;
  • electroiontophoresis?
  • material vacuum massage;
  • microcurrent.

Stimulation of metabolic processes and removal of excess fluid from the skin occurs if you resort to the galvanization method. Using electroiontophoresis, you can restore the skin from the inside by introducing moisturizing substances. The outflow of lymph is done with a vacuum material lymphatic drainage massage.

The smoothing of mimic wrinkles can be achieved by using microcurrent material massage, in which electrical impulses allow facial muscles to contract and relax. Using manual massage or material massage, a woman feels young, healthy and beautiful. Before using any method of resuscitation, you should always consult a specialist about contraindications.