Skin rejuvenation: facelift without surgery, pain and recovery is now possible!

a girl with a stressed face

It is possible to rejuvenate the skin without injections. incisions, pain and injury? Yes! The new non-removable laser skin rejuvenation service will give you youthful skin during your lunch break. Many methods have been developed to rejuvenate the skin. They can be divided into therapeutic and surgical.

Therapeutic methods for skin rejuvenation

  • Injection - mesotherapy (injections of special cocktails directly under the skin). biorejuvenation (introduction of synthesized hyaluronic acid). botulinum toxin injections; contour bio-enhancement with dense gels.
  • Material - laser rejuvenation? photorejuvenation (restoration of uniform skin color with intense pulsed light). microwave therapy to restore metabolic processes. muscle stimulation - increase in muscle tone under the influence of current.
  • Chemical peeling - destruction of one layer or many layers of the skin to stimulate regenerative processes, resulting in a new - smooth and beautiful - skin.
  • Plasmofilling - the introduction of blood plasma and autogel into the problem area.

All these methods give a refreshing effect of varying strength and duration. In addition, everyone has either a long recovery period or it can cause complications.

Surgical methods

To remove wrinkles on the forehead and near the eyes, remove flies, deep nasolabial folds, smooth the surface of the skin, make the contour of the face clean, use a variety of surgical methods:

  • plastic surgery of the eyelids,
  • reinforcement with gold threads,
  • fat filling - injections of your own adipose tissue.

Surgical procedures can radically rejuvenate the skin and face. But, like any invasive procedure, they require long-term rehabilitation and possibly anesthesia.

Is facelift possible without surgery and injuries?

Yes, it became possible today. A radically new method of rejuvenation - without injuries, recovery, pain - was proposed by Alma Lasers, which created a laser device with Q -Switched technology.

With Alma lasers with Q-Switched technology, you can painlessly, quickly and safely renew your skin without changing your daily lifestyle.

How does the Q-Switched laser work?

  • focuses energy under the skin - on the skin, without affecting or damaging the upper layers of the skin, so there is no pain and recovery takes 2-4 hours.
  • creates controlled coagulation zones, which, when restored, fill with young cells, stimulate the production of elastin, collagen.
  • All healing and recovery processes take place under the protection of the skin - the intact outer layer of the skin, thus eliminating the possibility of infection and other complications.

What are the effects of rejuvenation?

  • Improved skin quality and noticeable facelift without surgery, pain and recovery.
  • Alignment and transformation of skin color.
  • Eliminate pigmentation.
  • Restoration of natural metabolic processes.

Laser facial skin rejuvenation with Q-Switched technology has a lasting effect, performed once every 21 days in 3 procedures (depending on the individual characteristics of the skin), does not require interruption of work and a long recovery process.