Facial serum: how to know if you need it or not? And what is it after all?

Effective skin care at home consists of several steps, one of which is the use of serum. This cosmetic product allows you to quickly get the desired result: smooth out skin tone, cleanse it of inflammatory elements or make it fresher and more elastic. But you can only get the result if you choose and use the serum correctly.

serum for facial rejuvenation

Advertising for face serums can be very exciting and very promising. It is easy to believe that this is indeed a magic elixir. In fact, in order not to get frustrated and hurt your skin, you need to be very critical of marketing tricks and carefully approach your choice. Spoiler alert: Sera work. But sometimes it does not work as you expected.

Any serum is an oil and water based emulsion. Depending on the amount of emulsifier and the ratio of these two phases of the emulsion, one can distinguish:

  • liquid, homogeneous emulsions, which consist more of an aqueous phase. These serums are best used in the summer or if you are not going out in the winter, but also as an evening treatment.
  • emulsions consisting mainly of an oily phase. These serums aim to restore the lipid substance of the skin and are ideal for use in the cold season.

Why do serums need care and can they be used instead of cream?

Most serums are used as an under cream rather than as a standalone product. Due to their chemical formula, whey provides higher bioavailability of the substances that make up their composition. In other words, using a serum, you will be able to quickly transfer the necessary substances to the skin and, therefore, have an effect.

Serums can not replace the cream, as it is the cream that "closes" the serum, allowing it to function fully. If you live in a dry climate and there is not enough humidity in the air, be sure to apply the cream over glycerin serums. Only then will such a serum really hydrate the skin.

What expectations will the serum meet?

The main goal of home care, in addition to treating and correcting existing problems, is prevention. And whey is just the product that will help you avoid many problems in the future.dermatologist, cosmetologist Anna Smolyanova. . .

"If you use a serum that has sunscreen properties, then the chances of aging spots appearing on your face are much lower. And staining is a very persistent defect, which is quite difficult to get rid of. And for sure - it is long and expensive, as it will require a whole course of serious medical procedures - fractional recurrence, peeling, injection of special drugs. Also, the issue is the preservation of the water-lipid mantle, the optimal moisture, the preservation of the elastic properties of the skin. If you create conditions for the skin in which it can fully synthesize collagen and elastin, receive moisture, nutrition, oxygen, do not allow the metabolism and the skin's antioxidant system to "sleep" - this is felt not only by you.

The use of serums on a regular basis makes the skin well-groomed, removes or less obvious existing problems, replenishes the deficiencies of biologically active substances: vitamins, micro and macronutrients. Serums are a simple and affordable substitution treatment, which gives all the results for which we buy a product.

The most popular are sera with antioxidants, peptides and acids. Depending on the combination of these ingredients, the product has a special effect. "

There are serums designed to solve and prevent specific problems.

Serums that stimulate skin regeneration

Serums with a strong stimulating effect on skin regeneration and this is exactly what we mean by the word "rejuvenation". These are products that contain retinol, ie vitamin A. The concentration is not less than 0. 2%. Pay attention to the fact that the composition contains exactly retinol and not its derivatives. Because most retinol derivatives - or beta-carotene preforms - will have antioxidant activity (protect against oxidative stress) and will not stimulate cell growth and skin division and renewal.

Lifting serum for aging skin

The main biologically active ingredients of these chapters are peptides aimed at reducing mimic wrinkles or collagen-stimulating peptides and antioxidants, which help prevent the oxidation of cell lipids and the destruction of cell membranes. Such serums restore the tone and density in the aging of the skin, due to which an lifting effect is achieved.

lifting serum

Botulinum Serum

Serums containing a complex of peptides with action similar to botulinum toxin: argyrelin, Botox-like syneik, are suitable for those who want to prolong the effect of botulinum therapy. Or you can use this tool as a standalone to minimize visits to a beautician for sausage toxin injections. As you have already understood, these serums smooth the lines of expression.

Brightness serum

The product is used to even out skin tone. May include peptides, retinol and antioxidants. Antioxidants act as a photoprotective agent. This way, we prevent photoaging, including the appearance of pigmentation and wrinkles, and we do not overload the skin with health protection. I would like to note that everyone should use cosmetics with sunscreen properties all year round. Especially for owners of sensitive, light skin, prone to the formation of aging spots. Regular use of such serums will help you to gently and slightly correct "dim" freckles.

Serums for oily and problem skin

They usually contain acids, substances that reduce sebum production and ingredients that have anti-inflammatory action and tighten pores. As a rule, they contain: niokinamide, components of seawater, represented by trace elements - silicon, magnesium and zinc, as well as acids. For example, salicylic acid. Salicylic acid serums can be recommended for those who wish to reduce the severity of dark spots on the face. Glycolic acid sera reduce the formation of miles, closed comas and stimulate cell division.

Serums for dry skin

The serum with vitamins C and E will help to repair the damaged skin barrier. This problem is common in people with dry, irritated and flaky skin. Such sera are recommended for those who have already appeared or have just begun to form a grid of fine wrinkles and early pigmentation. And also for those who would like to postpone the appearance of these signs of aging as much as possible.

I would also like to mention sera containing mandelic acid, which is an extremely mild keratolytic and can be used even on very dry skin and also in aging as a refreshing peeling.

It is important to understand that the final effect of using the serum should be evaluated at the earliest in a month and a half. During this period, the skin will have time to completely renew itself.

How to use the serum properly?

It depends on the composition of the product. For example, if the serum contains active acids, the action of which is aimed at exfoliating and stimulating skin rejuvenation, then its use as an evening ingredient in home care is recommended. If the serum contains mostly antioxidants that act as filters for ultraviolet radiation, then it is recommended to use such a serum in the morning. If you have a tendency to swell on your face, you should not use moisturizing serums the night before bed. Indeed, in this case, the swelling on the face will be more pronounced. But as a morning care, such products are perfect.

how to use the serum properly

Errors in the use of serum

  • A common mistake is to mix several incompatible sera. Very often, another serum is applied over a serum. In most cases, this leads to the fact that one or both tools do not work at the same time. If you want to solve more than one problem, choose a general-purpose serum with vitamins C and E. If you have a specific problem, choose a specially designed serum.
  • Another common mistake is to be careless during the validity period of the serum. Having opened a tube or jar, many people forget it. But the sera are active from three to six months after opening. Then the product loses its properties. Enter the date you opened the serum. It is convenient to do this in a calendar or a special application.
  • Storing whey in the wrong place is another big mistake. See where your products are? If stored on a window sill, in active sunlight, or near radiators and heaters, in a bathroom where it is wet and hot, the components of the serum will break down faster. Store cosmetics in a cool, dark place. An easy-to-use plastic container will work for you and will be stored in a dark closet in your bedroom. And before you do the morning or evening home care session, you will get it.
  • If you have sensitive and irritated skin, try to avoid the abundance of alcohol and preservatives in your cosmetics. Yes, this product will not be stored open for a long time. But, if you see that the serum contains preservatives such as phenoxyethanol, parabens, then you better refuse to use such a product. Otherwise, the skin may become even drier and more irritated after using the serum (which should have solved the problem) than before using it.
  • Pay attention to the amount of pigments in the serum. Most of the time they have a CL mark on the label, which means color (color - English). such a product.