Ways and means to rejuvenate the skin of the hands

rejuvenation of the skin on the hands

With age, the skin of the hands becomes drier, wrinkles and age spots appear. The procedures at home and in the hair salon will help you to rejuvenate your hands and make them beautiful. In order for the result to be felt, you must take care of your skin daily, paying attention not only to nutrition and lifting, but also to protection.

To make your skin look younger and firmer, it is important to avoid excessive drying. After each contact with water, lubricate your hands with a cream, moisturizing gel or special liquid from a mixture of glycerin, water and ammonia, which you can buy at the pharmacy. Use mild baby soaps, cosmetic soaps and non-aggressive pH-neutral gels.

When doing household chores, protect your hands with moisturizing rubber gloves or cotton-lined gloves. Before putting on gloves, lubricate your skin with a greasy cream, get a quick wrap, very useful for your hands.

Look for creams that increase skin density and maintain a lipid-water balance. Products with urea, plant peptides, cell complex and vitamin E are especially good. Hand creams should be quite nourishing, so after application, make a light massage, ensuring complete absorption.


Include baths with special moisturizers and nourishing oils in your weekly manicure program. They soften the skin well and make it more sensitive to other treatments. After the bath, scrub the brushes with a sugar, salt or polymer based polishing scrub. Removes dead skin particles, balances relief and rejuvenates blood circulation. An alternative to scrub is peeling with fruit acids. Apply to dry or wet hands and after a quarter of an hour rinse with warm water. Mild acids smooth the skin, remove peeling and lighten the signs of aging.

Paraffin mask

Regular paraffin masks will also help smooth your hands. Melt a portion of refined paraffin wax, which you can buy at the pharmacy. Allow to cool slightly and then use a flat brush to apply to the bunches. Wait for the product to harden and remove it. After the procedure, you can lubricate your hands with a moisturizer. Paraffin helps with exfoliation, fine lines and wounds.

Oil wrappers

Oil wrappers are very useful. Use almond oil, olive oil or soybean oil that has been preheated in a water bath. Immerse cotton gloves in it, put them in clean hands, wrap the brushes on top with plastic and cloth. Wait half an hour, remove the compress, wash your hands and moisturize them with cream. This procedure will make the skin more elastic, will remove the swelling.

Peeling and mesotherapy

A good beauty salon will offer you radical treatments to combat the aging of the skin of the hands. Here you can do a professional peeling with a higher concentration of acids, treat the skin with polishing accessories. Mesotherapy has a very good result. Several injections of hyaluronic acid and a cocktail of vitamins will restore the elasticity, softness and healthy color of the skin. The effect lasts up to six months, after which the whole procedure can be repeated.