RF hoist at home. Home appliances

To use the device for lifting RF at home, as an alternative to plastic surgery or in the living room, it is necessary to understand the capabilities of the device and the mechanism of action of its active elements on the skin.

The essence of the method lies in the effect of radio frequencies on the skin and the subcutaneous layer, as a result of which all the layers of the skin are heated. These manipulations lead to an increase in the density of collagen fibers, due to which the skin is tightened and wrinkles are smoothed.

The procedure itself is considered quite innovative and has been adopted by cosmetologists a long time ago. Due to its effectiveness, low trauma, lack of preparatory stage and severe rehabilitation, it was accepted for independent behavior.

How to choose a lifting device at home?

devices for skin rejuvenation at home

To do RF lifting at home, you do not need to use an extremely powerful system with a large number of functions and modes, intended for professional beauty salons.

Just buy a portable device that:

  • has the necessary power to warm the treatment areas (for the neck and décolleté, a little force is enough, for the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, to break the orange peel of cellulite - stronger).
  • smoothly adjusts the optimal functions for different zones.
  • was written by a reputable manufacturer.
  • is ​​safe for health.
  • has a guaranteed service.

The device for home use, used for lifting, can cause unpleasant sensations for owners of sensitive skin due to the inability to adjust the depth of heating. Usually, this problem is solved with a cooling gel.

The most popular devices - the choice of cosmetologists

Fans of RF lifting technology, who have appreciated the effectiveness of the technique, can easily continue the procedures to improve their appearance without leaving home. The main thing is to understand the wide variety of devices offered for lifting handles by manufacturers working in the beauty industry.

Today, there are monopolar, bipolar and multipolar models for sale, which do not differ much in performance between them, with the exception of monopolar models - they are able to heat the deeper layers of the skin, giving a stronger effect. However, in this force there is also the risk of uncontrolled overheating of the untreated areas, and consequently - causing lateral reactions of the body to radio frequency impulses.

High polarity allows for a more local effect in tightly defined areas, ensuring safety for the body. But a multi-pole RF hoist at home is a real luxury, as the prices for such devices are simply exorbitant.

There are models of mobile devices that are popular with both professionals and those who have decided to organize a beauty salon at home.

How to perform the procedure at home - a step-by-step method?

Lifting at home requires special rules of procedure, on which the result largely depends. The skin rejuvenation device should be installed so that it is convenient to deal with the skin area.

Important!During the lift, you should feel intense but not aggressive heat on the verge of severe pain. The presence of pain and redness indicates incorrectly selected power of the device!

If you follow the step-by-step method of cosmetic manipulation at home, the rise of radio frequencies will not only meet expectations but also exceed them.


preparation for material skin rejuvenation

RF can only be performed after preparation, which includes:

  • removal of decorative cosmetics.
  • scrub the skin.
  • rinse the skin with clean, cool water.

After that, a special composition is applied to the treated surface area, which creates a contact medium and amplifies the pulses.


An anesthetic gel is applied to the prepared areas of the skin, if necessary. Then the device is switched on and the active electrode is applied to the desired area at a distance of at least 5 cm. Further manipulations are performed strictly according to the instructions, depending on the model of the device and last an average of 10-30 minutes.

Important!During the procedure, it is necessary to focus on thermal sensors that monitor the temperature of the skin, which will prevent burns and overheating.

At the end of the procedure, the face should be cleansed of the gel with a paper towel and applied with a nourishing cream.

After a few hours, you can wash your face with cool water and apply a moisturizing, nourishing mask with a lifting effect to enhance the effect.


It is recommended to hold sessions no more than once a week during many procedures. Among RF lifts, it is useful to perform skin rejuvenation, which includes:

  • use special creams?
  • application of nourishing masks.
  • treatment with rehabilitation serums and foams.

An esthetician can provide reliable information about the duration and intensity of the course after personal examination.

Functions and suggestions

material skin rejuvenation characteristics

To achieve the effect of rejuvenation, the person who gets up at home in terms of its effect, as a rule, is gentler and gentler and therefore weaker than the living room. Therefore, to have a good result, you must follow these instructions:

  • procedures must be performed regularly.
  • the course for each treatment zone must be full in duration and not interrupted.
  • Only high quality procedural cosmetics should be used.
  • try combining RF lifting with other anti-aging procedures in the band.


This procedure is displayed for people with:

  • There are age-related changes in the skin - reduced edema, inflammation, wrinkles.
  • there are enlarged pores, loose, dull skin.
  • Excessive skin due to weight loss or liposuction.
  • The orange peel of cellulite is visible.

On the face, the procedure is recommended only after 40 years, when the first signs of skin aging become noticeable.


The limitations for the RF - skin tightening process are:

  • pregnancy and lactation period?
  • history of abnormal tumors.
  • inflammation of the skin?
  • any diseases in the acute phase.
  • increased skin sensitivity.

The desire to stay as young as possible is now supported by technological advances such as RF devices that make it possible at home at no extra cost to turn what you want into reality.