Correction of wrinkles around the eyes

skin rejuvenation procedures around the eyes

The folds of skin on the lower and upper eyelids appear due to age-related changes in the skin. After 25 years, skin cells and muscle fibers lose their natural elasticity, skin swirl is reduced, and soft tissue relaxation occurs in the peripheral zone.

Innovative cosmetology methods will help you remove the folds of skin around the eyes, "crows" and mimic wrinkles.

Wrinkle removal by injection

The procedures for removing the folds on the eyelids are performed in the cosmetology office under the supervision of a specialist. The active substances or their own fat cells are injected into the peripheral zone using a small diameter needle.

After the injection, the skin is smoothed by replenishing the intercellular space or blocking the muscle fibers. With other injection techniques, metabolic processes in the skin tissues are accelerated, the production of natural collagen and elastin in the skin is increased. The injection methods are described below.


Mesotherapy is used at the first signs of aging eyelid skin: deep and superficial wrinkles. After the procedure, the skin becomes smooth and supple, the water-lipid metabolism is restored, the skin color becomes healthy.

Technique of the procedure: intradermal injections of hyaluronic acid are made in the peripheral zone. Along with this, the solution contains amino acids, enzymes, vitamins. The result of the manipulation: the deep wrinkles are smoothed, the skin on the eyelids is tightened, the face looks younger. The effect of mesotherapy is felt after 15 to 20 days.


Botox injections are a classic method of resolving deep expression lines. The neurotoxin complex is injected into the skin, blocking the transmission of nerve impulses, as a result of which the muscle fibers relax in the lateral part of the circular eye muscle. The effectiveness of this method lasts up to six months, after which it is recommended to repeat the procedure.


According to the bio-revitalization technique, it is similar to mesotherapy: hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin. The difference is that with mesotherapy, the effect does not last long, because in addition to the acid, the solution contains substances that are not synthesized independently at the cellular level. During bio-rejuvenation, one week after the injection, an active production of its own hyaluronic acid occurs, due to which the skin of the eyelids is rejuvenated and lifted naturally. The procedure can be performed for girls and women from the age of 25.

Outlines of the nasolacrimal sulcus

Contour correction is applied to the first signs of aging, as well as to dark circles under the eyes. It is important that the effect is felt immediately after the procedure. Technique: a cannula is inserted through a small puncture into the skin, which minimizes the risk of hematomas from the procedure. A hyaluronic acid gel is injected deep under the muscles. As a result, the bags can be removed, the skin smooth and the eyes can be restored to their former youthful shape.

Methods of material for the fight against wrinkles

This method of getting rid of wrinkles is suitable for shallow changes in the skin. With the help of special devices, metabolic processes are activated in the skin, contributing to rejuvenation, increasing the swirling of muscle fibers.

RF Elevation

The procedure is not inferior to plastic surgery, it is performed without damaging the skin. Principle of action: with the help of high frequency radio waves in the middle layer of the skin, the production of natural collagen is activated. As a result, skin cells and muscle fibers "stick". Due to this, the skin becomes supple and elastic and the aging process slows down. The result of the procedure lasts up to 6 months.

Laser treatment

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia: analgesic cream is applied to the eyelids. The skin reappears with a laser beam around the eyes removes the upper skin at a depth of 130 microns. As a result, after several procedures, the epidermis is completely cleansed of the outer layer of cells, the production of new cellular structures is activated at the level of the basal layer. The laser technique for removing wrinkles is performed at the site of the formation of facial folds, age-related changes in the skin of the eyelids.


The method of removing optical defects in the skin around the eyes is based on the use of a light beam of a specific frequency. A light gel is applied to the peripheral area, after which the eyelid skin is treated with a short light. Photorejuvenation procedure is not suitable for women with dark skin. The method of removing wrinkles with a light beam has a long-term effect - the skin of the eyelids remains elastic and taut for three years.

Of the classic cosmetics, chemical exfoliation cannot be omitted.

Chemical exfoliation

The essence of the chemical peeling process: the organic acid is applied to the skin around the eyes and the keratinized particles of the skin dissolve. Due to the active components of the acid, the active growth of the cells of the basic layer of the skin begins, metabolic processes are stimulated at the cellular level and fibroblasts are produced. As a result, the skin layer thickens, the skin is saturated with moisture and the protective functions are enhanced, which prevent the withdrawal of fluid from the intracellular space. Mild organic acids are used for the process. The result of the procedure takes about two months. It is then recommended to repeat the chemical exfoliation.